The Tree Ultra Beings are the creators of the universe. In the before time when there was only nothingness three beings of immense power ruled over the universe. Tarag the wisest, Airion the kindest, and Seren the strongest. The three ultra beings floated in time and space for eons simply existing. The three beings became bored with their existence thinking to themselves that what use was their lives if they had nothing to do but float in the void.

The Great Creation

Airion was struck with an idea while floating, why not make use of their power? Airion quickly decided that the best way to keep them entertained was to create the universe and populate it with mortal races to live and give meaning to their existence. Tarag agreed with Airion that this would be worth investigating. After much contemplation they decided

Seren the Ultra Being

Seren the strongest of the Ultra Beings

the only way to start the processes was with the death of Seren.

Seren was unconvinced that the universe needed to be created and that they should simply float for the rest of time. Using their combined power Airion and Tarag were barley able to overpower Seren who near destroyed Tarag but finally he was defeated and with that they exploded outwards creating the centre of the universe. Seren's body would become all the stars in the universe burning bright with the anger he held for the betrayal suffered.


Airion and Tarag set to work and would slowly create planet after planet and fill them. Astaroth would become Airion's pet project however. Filled with mixed climates and almost every idea Airion could create Astaroth became much a testing ground for their creations. Airion took a particular liking to the race of men, while Tarag proffered the Agrarians. The world was completed and Airion admired their work. Deciding that their interest lay with Astaroth Airion decided to form themselves into a small rock that would become the moon Tane. Tarag seeing that the universe now existed created the gods to manage it as time past so fast for Tarag that civilisations could rise and fall in a blink of an eye. Knowing that Airion would not rejoin Tarag moved into the centre of the universe to watch their creation in it's full glory and mourn the loss of Seren.