Take (take)

Take is located in the north west of Sjórlinfell and was the first of the Northern Kingdoms to be subjugated in 933 AC.  Sjórlinfell was once united as a whole by Arthas Menethil (ar-thas mene-thil) who crowned himself King in the North when he aligned the tribes in 142 AC,  however the Nordic tribes resented being forced under one banner. As soon as Arthas died in 172 AC the tribes split and began carving out their territory on the map. Before Arthas the tribes had been little more than squabbling savages locked in war with all the other tribes over land and livestock. This had now changed as Arthas had created educated them to more modern ways. Take managed to say very neutral to the Northern Kingdoms  wars preferring to raid the coasts of Nigaard and Vacghan (vak-khan). Take priests also founded the dominant religion in all of Sjórlinfell which revolves around the mystical beings known as ice wraiths and their connections with the after life. In 582 AC the first mead was brewed in Take, bringing forth a new way of living for the Northern people. In 653 AC Floki Hiltren (flow-key hilt-ren) launched raids on Dothri over land disputes along its eastern border. Dothri held out and Take gained no land.  This would lead to Take holding a grudge with Dothri even supporting its civil war in 925 AC. Lead my Commander Parker and General Wolfhome the Take army would stand with the Dothri rebels until they were crushed at the battle of the Ice Kings. With the death of Wolfhome Commander Parker was set free, he never returned to home to Take. The peace was short lived as in 930 AC Nigaard invaded Take, with a small army left they stood no match for the well trained Nigaard army. The defence lasted only three years with Take surrendering in 933 AC. Under the control of Nigaard Take would be forced to supply soldiers for the continued invasion of the Northern Kingdoms.