Sinen (si-nen)

Established in Bankura in 143 AC after The Rebellion of Thorns. The Shattered Lands now called the Sun Spear were created according to septims and scholars during The Great Collapse. The whole south east chunk of Bankura broke away and now rests of the coast. The rebellion was caused in 142 AC when Lady Kalsin Thorn fed up of how her husband was treated with respect and given the chance to compete in the Albeion Games when women could not decided that Sun Spear would be better off without the control of men. The soldiers in Sinen (then the shattered lands) were well trained in not wearing armour due to the extreme heat. Horses also found it difficult to traverse the deserts even without armour. The quicker more nimbler rebels easily out manoeuvred the slower knights and held them at a distance with formidable spear and javelin combat. It has been calculated that for every rebel killed 7 Albeion soldiers perished. Unable to hold the shattered lands from the mainland in 143 AC a peace accord was signed giving the natives of Sunspear control of their land. The land prospered under the rule of Lady Thorn. Established in 154 AC a new practice was formed called Sun Blessing. The Sinen people believed in a pantheon of light and desserts called Sirius Demanaclease (Siri-us De-mana-clease). Androgynous in sex the idols would often have both sexes. Some  some soldiers found that praying at certain idols would give them renewed strengths, energies and expanded lifespans (some living up to 150).  Most of The Sun Blessed would serve in the Sinen army most often as Royal Protectors. However some would go to form mercenary companies such as the Purple Dragons in 231 AC. Overall the Sinen people had no real wish for war just to rule their own land and so they did until 411 AC when the First Albeion Crusade marched ashore demanding their subjugation. What the Albeion strategists predicted was a short war won with sheer manpower, that is not what the received.  A Sinen fleet cut of the main force from Albeion so after only two years the starved and broken force surrender and was sent back all missing their fighting hand. In 683 AC a year after the formation of The Church of the Nine. Feeling pressure from its citizens Sinen announced its countries faith as Bands of the Sun a religion focused around Sirius Demanaclease. In 941 AC the current Queen Emeria Thorn announced that Sirius Demanaclease was a women causing a large disruption in the country as many believe Sirius to have no gender. This has caused a section of the faith to become radicalised forming the The True Suns whose cry is “The Sun cannot be controlled by a mere ruler!”