Rankera Lionmane was the son of King Tommol Lionmane. He ruled from 928 AC to 935 AC when he was deposed by King Carstar Bolting. Rankera was more commonly known as "The People's King" or "Rankera the Just."

Rankera Lionmane

Rankera Lionmane

Early Life

Rankera Lionmane was born in Devonport in Estdalmania on 8th of First Seed 911 AC to King Tommol Lionmane and Queen Lisa Lionmane. Rankera spent his childhood growing up in the Iron Keep spending much of his time studying and practising in the art of duelling. At the age of twelve Rankera was fluent in over five languages.

Rankera has also quickly grown a deep passion for supporting the common folk, arguing often for hours with other nobles children about the care of his one day future subjects. It was at the age of sixteen that his distrust of the church began to form. Seeing how his father was little more than a puppet for the Grand Seer and how willingly he would go to war for the church infuriated him. He begged his father not to do it but the King ignored his sons pleas and marched for Drumithia and Nigaard.


After the death of his father the 8th of Midyear 928 AC Rankera Lionmane was crowned hastily as to ease the public unrest against the crown. While it did reduce much of the unrest it was not enough to quell the Estdalmania Rebellion in the north which quickly burst outwards and into the rest of Estdalmania in 929 AC.


The Estdalmania Rebellion caused Rankera to fall into a deep depression, he hated the idea of country folk slaughtering country folk and brother turning on brother. He pleaded for the war to be ended with talk and not violence but was rejected by Carstar.

"An infection in a society cannot be simply talked away, an infection must be burnt away until the society is cured." - Carstar Bolting
The rebellion lasted until 935 AC a brutal six years campaign where hundreds of thousands were lost. The Battle of the Oak marked the last conflict with Rankera Lionmane being killed in single combat by Carstar Bolting.


The death of Rankera Lionmane marked the end for the Lionmane Lineage. His wife Queen Lisa Lionmane was also murdered in the throne room of Devonport thus ending the bloodline that had ruled for one hundred and eighty five years.