Ranga (ra-nga)

Ranga is the result of a large amount of refugees pouring from the ruins of Barason (bar-a-son). The refugees from Barason formed Ranga displacing lots of the native Nordic tribes cultural divide it created among the Nordic tribes already living in this area. Formed after the great destruction swept through Barason in early 200 AC. The refugee camp declared itself apart of Sjórlinfell and as a country in 201 AC much to the disliking of Huntavan and Dothri. Quickly the small country exploded out to become one of the largest in the continent. Ranga is a bleak land made up mainly of spare hinterlands, large marshes, and massive steppes. The natives of Ranga harbour a deep distrust and resentment for the refugees from Barason often calling them "Ash Children" or "Plague People." The mutual distrust of both sides would lead to many race wars and little progression in the country. It wasn't until 682 AC that Ranga received it's first king the half breed of a Rangarian warlord and Barason refugee that the country began to progress.