Nigaard (ni-guard)

Formed in the north of Bankura in 184 AC. Nigaard prides itself of being on the largest producers of wine in the world as well as being considered to have the most beautiful landscapes in all of Bankura. The country was a collection of squabbling city states that were absorbed when Terinius Nigaard conquered them and forged them into one with him as the emperor. The north of Bankura was once a volcanic plane so the soil was rich and the small country quickly formed into a very powerful one with some of the best trained soldiers in all of Bankura. In 312 AC a uneasy alliance was signed with Drumithia, as the current Nigaard emperor (Emperor Killenwane) carried a deep distrust and resentment of Elves. The Emperor's hate would lead to the Hollyfields Massacre in 320 AC where around two hundred elves were cut down in their border town of Alise-trune (elise-t-rune) by Nigaardian soldiers who claimed the elves were working with Drumithia to attack travellers in Nigaard. This caused tensions between Drumithia and Nigaard to reach a boiling point resulting in some of the first wars between Drumithia and Nigaard. In 321 AC the first official battles took place with Nigaard claiming much of Drumithia’s northern lands as its own. However the battle for Nigaard wasn’t over. In 323 AC still recovering from the attack Nigaard was set upon by a red dragon called Paliolicantrool (palio-lo-can-trool). The country burned as people fled the onslaught that was Paliolicantrool. An emergency group was created; The Shields. The best fighters in all of Nigaard formed into a group whose task was to exterminate dragons.  With their combined strength Paliolicantrool was slain, even though the Nigaard’s relations with the surrounding countries were cold they recognised the service done by Nigaard. In 412 AC the Shields faced with dwindling numbers  would begin allowing non-Nigaardians to join the ranks if they could prove themselves.  The truce between Nigaard and Drumithia stayed, even if it was tenuous. That was until 526 AC when the emperor Ceaser (cea-sire), attacked Estdalmania over desire to control the Ranchet Hills. The Nigaards lost the war after four years in 530 AC. Later in 673 AC the Estdalmanian's stepped in after conflicts between the Nigaards and Drumithia border.  In 741 AC Emperor Tutray II  (tu-tray) marched on Estdalmania for the Ranchet Hills again but was stopped by King Angar Rosehilt who convinced the Emperor in private talks not to attack. Thus would come a time of peace for Bankura as the countries grew happily. Nigaard focused on closing the cultural gaps between its people to create are more unified populous. In 927 AC  Estdalmania would lead a religion-fuelled war upon Nigaard; the defence was brutal and in just a year King Tommol of Estdalmania  was slain by the current Emperor Sanderous (san-derous) at the battle of Allenpagk (ellen-park). Coming to aid the besieged city the Nigaard army mounted a charge down to the tired Estdalmania army, it is reported the Nigaard Calvary made it to the other edge of the force without slowing.  Estdalmania crumbled on itself embroiled in civil war.  Nigaard however sets it’s sights on a different goal, the shores of the Northern Kingdoms otherwise known as Sjorlinfell. Led by Emperor Larstar the Northern Kingdoms would know war and suffering in the coming years by the year 951 AC Take and Huntavan were subjected with Dothri and Ranga fighting an uphill battle with no victory in sight.