Huntavan (hun-ta-van)

Raised on the south west coasts of Sjórlinfell in 178 AC by Hiller Bolton. Huntavan was formed on the ideals that the strong may take from those who are weaker. Huntavan quickly became the bane of Nigaard and Vaughan as well as northern areas of Drumithia. Quick to quarrel Huntavan made no friends with its neighbouring countries. The Boltons were the most resentful of a united north as they saw it as a closing of their freedoms. In 200 AC the Huntavan adopted a faith, that of the Raider King. All of their ships were painted to bare his sigil, a dragon's head. Without a major force to stop them Huntavan raiding parties became the scourge of the world striking fear into captains and guardsmen alike. Nigaard was the first to take action against the Huntavan menace by boosting coastal town defences and offering a twenty gold reward for a Huntavan raiding ship sigil. This however ended when in 323 AC the great red dragon Paliolicantrool attacked Nigaard. This was seen as a sign from the Raider King and Huntavan doubled its efforts. 660 AC marked the first Vânător entering the country from Dothri after the destruction of their home. The Boltons welcomed them seeing their potential, slowly they swayed Vânător from their oaths until a new subsection of Vânător was created the Kalinsi (cal-in-sigh) they vowed to support the Boltons and protect Huntavan. This caused anger in the Vânător as the oath sworn stated a Vânător could never support a country or a ruler directly. Huntavan enjoyed many decades of raiding with no opposition until 930 AC when Nigaard invaded and quickly took Huntavan set about splitting the land cutting of trade routes and supply lines. Huntavan held out until Ren Bolton bent the knee in 939 AC to the Nigaard aggressors.