Estdalmania (est-dal-maniea) is the largest kingdom in Bankura, ruled by the human king Carstar Bolting. The kingdom is considered the oldest in all of Bankura.


Estdalmania was the first to rise from the Great Collapse 1200 years ago. Utilising much of the Agrarian (ag-rar-ian)

Estdalmanina Flag

Estdalmanian Flag

technology Estdalmania quickly rose from the Agrarian Empire’s remains. Under strong rule the Empire has been a shining beacon of humanity throughout the past centuries. Estdalmania shares a close friendship with the smaller kingdom of Albeion in the south east. Relationships with the Nigaard and Drumithia are cold with the scars of past wars and Estdalmania’s victories holding an uneasy peace between the lands. It is widely believed that the founder of Estdalmania was an arena slave who survived the Great Collapse. He founded the first city in Estdalmania, Rockstead (2 AC). People flocked to the symbol of freedom and safety that Rockstead offered. Rockstead would stay the capital of Estdalmania for 400 years until it was deemed that the capital be changed to a port city. Sodom Bay was converted from a densely forested hill land to the now capital Devenport, this took roughly 50 years to complete (452 AC). The city sits in the far south near the Albeion border. This also marked the 200 year alliance of Albeion and Estdalmania (formed in 252 AC). A large structure was built in honour of the alliance, the statue was made of bronze and stood 100 feet (30.48 metres), named The Great Soldier.

The Waring Years

Estdalmania would begin a bloody defence in the year 526 AC with the neighbouring country Nigaard. The war was over who should control the Ranchet Mining Fields, a large stretch of mineral rich hills which Estdalmania had been mining over the past 100 years. The conflict lasted 4 years ending in 530 AC with the Estdalmanis the victors.  An uneasy peace followed between the two countries with Estdalmania even stepping in the Nigaard-Drumithia wars later in 673 AC. In 682 AC due to an increased interest in the creation of a united faith for Estdalmania the Church of the Nine was created.  In 741 AC King Angar Rosehilt first of his name would prevent a second Estdalmania Nigaard war. After a private negotiation with the Nigaard Emperor (Emperor Tutray II)  the Nigaard forces backed down from their threats of another Ranchet Hills conflict. King Angar refused to say what was said in the meeting.

Crusades and Rebellion

Estdalmania would hold a lasting peace on Bankura until the year 927 AC when the weak minded King Tommol Lionmane would be convinced by leaders of the faith to lead an army into Nigaard and Drumithia to force them into the proper faith, they failed and King Tommol died in the fighting. His son, the much loved prince Rankera Lionmane, would take the throne and quickly solve relations with the two countries. The faith displeased by this began a hate campaign on the King causing the common folk to become divided and confused. In 929 AC the Estdalmania Rebellion erupted, led by Carstar Bolting, the country would fight among themselves until 935 AC when Carstar Bolting cut down Rankera Lionmane in single combat at The Battle of The Oak.