Drumithia (dru-mith-ea)

Formed in 12 AC, Drumithia was labelled as a place for Elves to feel safe around so much human prejudice. As slaves the Elves had been given the higher quality jobs and even in rare cases treated as equals to the Agrarians. Not believing in one ruler Drumithia was ruled by a group of six elves representing the views of the general population.  The country stayed out of major conflicts in Bankura preferring to work within themselves. In Drumithia, a tree was found deep within a marsh. Thought to have holy properties, it was labelled the Soul Tree and worshippers took to calling themselves The Free Minds. Sadly for Drumithia its existence would become endangered in 320 AC when after rising tensions the Hollyfield massacre forced the once peaceful country to raise arms and in 321 AC go to war with the invading country Nigaard. The war was cut short in 323 AC when the Red Dragon known as Paliolicantrool (palio-lo-can-trool) attacked Nigaard forcing them to break off their attack. Drumithia had lost a large amount of  land in the past two years so and was not eager to waste more Elven lives on such a conflict. The dragon was hailed as two things, as a saviour from the Soul Tree come to save The Free Minds. It was also seen as a separate pantheon so came the rise of the followers of the Oblivion Fires. In 535 AC the Septimius Arcadia was built in Asgar (As-car) this would serve as a school of formal magic teaching for of those who wished to learn. Peace held until 669 AC when Nigaard having recovered launched a second attack on Drumithia. Drumithia might have stood a chance had Estdalmania not stood in to support Nigaard in 673 AC. This was the last battle Drumithia would fight till 927 AC when the zealous King Tommol would lead a crusade against Drumithia and Nigaard. Drumithia was attacked by the weaker force thinking that they would not resist much. However in the passing decades the Elves had prepared themselves for an attack into their homeland. Fighting tooth and nail till the last the Elves broke the Estdalmania advance in only four months. After this victory the Elves have become very wary of human lords and kings even refusing to meet with them. Human pilgrims are still allowed to make the walk to the Soul Tree though as it was thought unfair to punish the spiritual.