The Dragonborn are a race that lives in seclusion on the island of Draconia. They are a race of scholars and hold knowledge to be the most valuable asset of mortals. This can be seen in the Great Library of Sheer Tooth Point which can be seen leagues off shore and on days with low cloud is often obscured by cloud. The Dragonborn people are made up of seven colours. Red, Black, Blue, Green, Gold, White, and the result of breeding between Red and Gold, Bronze.

Breeding between colours has been disallowed as colours hold an important part of Dragonborn culture.

Aided by two old white Dragons named Arenthius and Barathmos the young race was quickly accelerated until they reached a level perhaps above that of the elves in scholarship. While entry into Draconia is strictly banned for all other races Dragonborn may leave the island for two reasons. Either as an exile cast of his clan and eggkin or as a scribe of Draconia sent to explore the world and bring new knowledge back to the people. Dragonborn may not produce off springs while outside of Draconia doing so is said to create abominations and is strictly banned. The Dragonborn's breath attack also suffers from time away from the island as after one years or so it will dwindle out. The only cure to this is to drink the waters of the “Spring of Deliverance” located in the centre of Draconia.

Young dragonborn, who hatched from eggs like their draconic relatives, grew at an impressively rapid rate, much faster than most other races, reaching the equivalent maturity of a human child of 10 by age 3. However, this rate of maturation slowed dramatically within a few short years and they were not considered physically mature for another twelve years. Once they did reach adulthood, dragonborn could expect a lifespan identical to that of humans (80 years). Not all dragonborn developed a breath weapon but those that did usually obtained it during these years of growth.

Dragonborn nursed their hatch-lings for several months before teeth began to come in. A dragonborn would then slowly introduce soft food and then move towards normal dragonborn eating habits, which contained more meat than was typical of most other races. Dragonborn that are born at the same time are often referred to as eggkin as they have strong bonds with each other after leaving eggs.

Dragonborn had a well-known dedication to honour, but how deeply rooted this trait was remains debatable. However, all dragonborn tended to view all living things, even hated dragons, as deserving of courtesy and respect. To dragonborn, honour was more than a word and was often considered more important than life itself. Cowardice was not simply undesirable among dragonborn, it was considered outright repulsive. Part of the roots of this honourable attitude lay in the dragonborn's drive for self-improvement. The draconic nature of dragonborn gave them a strong self-consciousness and a tendency for strong emotions. Both of these combined to make dragonborn particularly wanting for the approval of others. Dragonborn placed great value on the skill of an individual, including themselves. Failing at a task was considered terrible  to dragonborn and as a result they could sometimes push themselves to unhealthy extremes of effort. This aspect of the dragonborn mind meant few of the race took a laid-back approach to any skill or ability, striving always to become the masters of a particular skill.

Other races saw dragonborn as proud or even arrogant because of this dedication to excellence and high standards. Elves have attempted many times to reach the island to gain access to the fabled library but have failed on all accounts. It was true that dragonborn were typically proud of their race's accomplishments. However, dragonborn were also more than willing to recognize with respect the accomplishments of other races in turn, whether or not the race in question was an ally or enemy

Dragonborn often wear their hearts on their sleeves, typically hiding neither anger nor joy. Dragonborn were enthusiastic about life, particularly success, and brooded about failure for only a short time before their disappointment was shaped into a strong drive for improvement. Only a handful of dragonborn actually demonstrated traits that might be considered timid or reserved, and the vast majority of the race had no qualms asking for what they needed or taking time to improve themselves. Trust was a major factor in the lives of all dragonborn and each expected others to be just as open and forthcoming with them as they were

The breath does not always appear in Dragonborn but when it does it is typically between the age of six to twelve. The type of breath changes depending of the colour of the dragonborn.

Bronze - Fire- Line - 4d6 - Unconscious People take double damage

Red - Fire - Cone - 3d6 - damage is spread out between targets

Black - Acid - Cloud - 1d4 every turn in cloud which lasts for 4 turns - Enemies AC is reduced by 2 in the cloud

Blue - Lighting - Line - 4d4 -

Green - Chlorine Gas - Cloud - 1d4 -every turn in cloud which lasts for 4 turns - Enemies rolls are reduced by 1 in the cloud

Gold - Magical Fire - Line - 5d6 - Unconscious People take double damage

White - Ice - Cone - 3d6 - Enemies on less than 3 health are frozen solid and all others are slowed by 50% for 1 turn.

The Dragonborn are ruled by the Light Blessed which consists of seven Dragonborn that discovered the key to immortality and ascended to rule the people with the aid of the two white dragons. Though they were once seen as just the ruling Dragonborn they have become worshipped as demi-gods by the Dragonborn. They reside in the Ligh Blessed tower on the southernmost point of the island.

Even as the Dragonborn are a high society their are those who refuse to conform and to leave the island as exiles. The Smashed Steps have become a hotbed for raiders and bandits. Hiding out in the ashen islands waiting to sail into the coastal villages to raid and pillage. While the Light Blessed are the closest thing to worship of the gods in Draconia. The Dragonborn tend to look to a more naturalism, The great spring the flows from the centre of the island tainted with the ash of the volcanoes and warmed by their heat brings the gift of breath to the Dragonborn and this is deemed as more important that simply praying to a higher being.