Dothri (doth-ri)

Dothri was the second country in Sjórlinfell to declare borders after the death of Arthas in 172 AC they were recognised only a year later in 173 AC. Dothri was centred in the middle of Sjórlinfell so sailing to different continents was deemed too difficult and  a waste of resources. Instead Dothri took to raiding her neighbours. Dothri is home to one of the first guilds (182 AC), The Vânător (van-tor) a highly skilled group of beast hunters who established a guild to let the common folk have a location to find them if they had need of monster hunters. Though Dothri still called itself a country it was constantly at war with itself, battles broke out between lords over sheep and in one instance a stone (later dubbed The Stone of Pryith). No true king ever ruled, many tried but were always cast down my power hungry lords or angry peasants. It wasn’t until 312 AC that Kilitus Pendragon (kill-i-tus pen-dragon) united Dothri under his banner and was crowned king. The Pendragons stayed in power. In 653 AC Dothri suffered attacks from Take their neighbour over land disputes. Dothri held for over two years against raids and full scale battles and by 655 AC they had beaten Take back and held their land. In 656 AC The Vânător who refused to participate in the war as they believed fighting among Northern Countries to be petty. Angered by this King Salor Pendragon (sale-or) burned the Vânător keep and passed laws forbidding the congregation of Vânător in Dothri. The Vânător spread out over Sjórlinfell looking for new bases and work, they never recovered fully. In 717 AC a change of power was finally enacted with the Pendragon ending with no male heirs. The Monorain (mono-rain) family took power and ruled with a more dominant style. In 812 AC Dothri fell under attack again, this time from below. A race of Elves known as Dark Elves had been living in the cave systems below ground for some time, finally prepared enough they launched an invasion on the surface dwelling humans. King Arrendale Monorain II (arren-dale) fought hard against the invasion even enlisting Vânător. It was rumoured that his most trusted advisor was a Vânător. The battles lasted eight years. The elves ability to tunnel up almost anywhere causing mass chaos, Snowmourn was safe however due to being built on a bed of basalt. In 929 AC the Turogor rebellion began against Everiry Monorain. It was supported by Take, the rebellion was crushed in the end at the battle of the Ice Kings where in single combat Everity defeated the head of the rebellion Hjlamar Turogor. In 945 AC with the subjugation of both Take and Huntavan Nigaard turned its attention to Dothri so began a the long war, Nigaard has a four to one against the Dothri people but they are tired after a long and gruelling campaign. By 949 AC the war had reached a stalemate with no country able to push the other country. The war has led to increased xenophobia and poverty throughout Dothri, port towns such as Alice Town have swollen in size and been filled with slums.