Deveonport is the capital city of Estdalmania and is located in Sodom Bay.


Construction of Devonport began in 402 AC after a port capital was deemed better than the high hill top city of Rockstead. The surrounding area was felled of trees and swamps near the shore were drained. The city was built in a tiered fashion with large walls around 20 meters in size surrounding the city. The tiers consisted of the living quarter which was the largest ring the started at the walls, halfway into the city was the market district where most markets and business resided. The centre tier is made up of noble housing, the military quarter and the keep at the centre.


The docks on the southern side of the city make up much of the cities trade. With roots leading to Cataan, Sinen, Vaughan, and Sheltia. The completion of the dock in 452 AC also marked the 200 year anniversary of the Estdalmania - Albeion. Albeion celebrated this event by gifting The Great Solider to the port of Devenport. The 100ft creation now

stands tall over the docks.