Cataan (kat-arn)

The most common destination of visitors to Locarion. Cataan is a vast desert that swallows much of the land. Catann which formed around 423 AC is a mass of squabbling cities and violent warlords with no real ruler or leader. The closet the country has to a ruling power is the Paladins of Arkanlight who protect major cities and outpost acting as an unofficial guard force and justice system. Bordering the fast badlands of Frey-Kai the Orcish homelands stands a mix of all races. Cataan is known as "the drifters final stop." Those who do not fit in society tend to end up in Cataan. It’s rugged coastlines are often beset by pirates and raiders. With little ties to other countries it is often wondered how Cataan and survive on its own. Truth is Cataan has great underwater lakes which offers fresh water to all of its inhabitants and Cataan farmers grow the Taro Fruit which is a small potato like vegetable which grows in sandy soils and feeds most of the people. What contact Cataan does have with other countries is usually strictly trade based with silk and oils being some of Cataan's greatest commodities. Cataan's two biggest trading partners are Estdalmania and Draconia.