Carstar Bolting first of his name is the current king of Estdalmania. Known often as King Bolting the Brave. Having taken power during the Estdalmania Rebellion in 929 AC. Carstar is currently sixty seven years old and has sat on the throne for forty one years.


Early Life

Born in the mid west of Estdalmania in Pirth in 909 AC. Carstar was used to poverty, his father was a caravan guard and his mother was a weaver. Due to his father's profession he was often gone for months at a time leading to Carstar looking after his mother as she was often ill. His mother pasted away during the spring of 916 AC. The loss of his mother lead his father to turn to drink and lose his job.

Carstar began working at the age of 10 (919 AC) as a blacksmiths apprentice. With his father no more than a belligerent drunk Carstar supplied for them both with the small earnings he made off his apprenticeship. At sixteen Carstar was recruited into the army as Estdalmania began preparation to push into Nigaard and Drumithia in a holy crusade to correct their religion's to that of The Church of The Nine. The ill fated war in 927 AC led to a stale mate with the Estdalmanian forces unable to push further into Drumithia or Nigaard. After the death of the king in 928 AC Carstar returned back home angry with what he saw as the loss of the war due to the kings rabid devotion to the church. His hatred of the current ruling power would cause him to begin seeding dissonance among those close to him.

Solider Life

Carstar in all reports is listed as an exemplary solider and was even lined up for promotion before the rebellion. During the crusade his kill count lies somewhere between thirty eight - sixty two. Carstar served with two friends who still serve him now in advisory roles. Liam Prisk and Samuel Kurt joined at the same recruiter station as Carstar. They trained together and all fought together with Carstar saving them from an ambush late in the war when the army was in full retreat.


Carstar would officially demand that king Rankera Lionmane steps down as king of Estdalmania in 929 AC. Carstar had proved himself a great leader during the Lionmane Invasion, leading nearly thirty men out of an ambush after their commander was cut down. Carstar was often said to be so persuasive that people joked that it was his aura. Carstar launched a bloody campaign that split Estdalmania. The Church of The Nine encouraged its supporters not to take up arms with Rankera or Carstar as they both refused to acknowledge the right of the church. The rebellion lasted six long years with the estimated death count to be in the hundreds of thousands. It was on the 22nd of Last Seed 935 AC where at The Battle of The Oak Carstar slew Rankera in single combat thus ending his reign and the rebellion.


Carstar was crowned king on the 18th of Evening Star 935 AC in the capital city. He wedded nearly one week later on the 24th to Lady Evrdine Bolting. He would sire to heirs Ciaus Bolting and Julius Bolting. Carstar's first true test came with the Hellborn uprising in 951 AC after a huge city rose from the land of the coast of Drumitha. Carstar would send forces through Drumithia to help combat this threat. In the scholars books it is noted that the force only clashed in small skirmishes as an unknown group was believed to have destroyed the city and ended the uprising. Carstar's hatred of the church would grow as he believed they could have helped with the Hellborn uprising but instead stood by this would lead eventually lead to it's collapse in 952 AC. While their is no Grand Seer now the religion is still very popular among the common folk who believe it is still the best method of communicating with The Nine.