Albeion (al-bee-on)

Albeion was first established in Bankura in 86 AC. Albeion was founded by the Golden Knight or Ser Rodrick Pane. The Golden Knight was crowned the king of Albeion, he cared for all his subjects and supported them over outsiders this is reflected in the Albeion saying “Judge me as the Golden Knight would.” Not wishing for the line of succession to be made weak by having just one family the Golden Knight decided that only the most capable rule Albeion he created the Albeion Games, hosted in celebration for a king's life. Any citizen of Albeion could enter three trials would take place over a week. The first the test of Intelligence, contestants would have to answer a test developed by the brightest of scholars in Albeion. The second task was that a test of Charisma where the contestant has to prove they can bargain and negotiate. The final test is that of the Strength test, a tournament would occur throughout the week the member still alive with the highest scores would be crowned the next king of Albeion. Death is expected in the tournament but it carries a minus five point penalty for the man who strikes the person down. In 142 AC the Rebellion of Thorns broke out in the Shattered Land (Now known as the Sun Spear). The Shattered Lands believed themselves not to be part of Albeion as they were their own culture and people. The rebellion lasted one year with the rebels winning their freedom as Albeion was not properly prepared for an attack from within. In 252 AC not wishing to cause trouble with the neighbouring Estdalmania or Drumithia. Albeion quickly formed an alliance with Estdalmania. This would last till modern day even with the creation in 452 AC of The Great Soldier that Albeion would gift to Estdalmania as a sign of everlasting allegiance.  In 411 AC the current King would launch the first crusade on Sinen to reclaim the lands lost to Albeion. However they did not expect resistance on such a level and were soundly defeated by 413 AC. In 689 AC Albeion even took The Church of the Nine as their major religion pushing the Golden Knight to the side much to the disliking of some loyalists. During the Estdalmania rebellion in 929 AC not knowing who to side for as well as just being freshly appointed King Devcoil III decided to remain neutral to the conflict.